My First Impression of Bachelor In Paradise S4 E1

Mind you, I’ve NEVER seen one episode of any of The Bachelor or the other spinoff shows. This is my first time seeing a show like this. Yes! Interesting right? Daniel Giraffe now has an interesting view into this show! I’ve heard of this show lots of times. I’m a Giraffe. I explore and live out in the wild, I don’t live under a rock. It’s just that I’ve never thought to watch an episode of the show, and when I have an interest, the season is almost over. The thought of watching hours and hours of television just to get caught up to the trend, exhaustes me. But I knew in my 5 feet gut, this was the season to start watching the show.

Most of my thoughts through out the show was which parts we’re obviously scripted. The part about the guy talking about the dogs in the beginning? Yeah that was obviously scripted. The part about Corrine learning Spanish? Obviously scripted. But that was well scripted. That was funny. So I’m just gonna say some random names and I’m going to say what I thought about each cast member.

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